When TOM FORD speaks, the world of men listens

When Tom Ford speaks, the world of men listens. What he’s been saying for a while now is that men aren’t taking good enough care of themselves – and he’s not referring to our workout and diet. Slowly but surely, men have started subscribing to the importance of good grooming, though some of us have to be dragged kicking and screaming. It starts with a mother suggesting a little moisturiser, then while hungover you let your girlfriend paint you with a face mask just to keep the peace. Next thing a man knows, he looks a million bucks – and now he likes it.

Ever a pragmatist, Ford’s range of men’s grooming products are an attempt to look good without too much fuss. Starting at the top with a cleanser and moisturiser, the range moves through daily pocket essentials like a lip balm, an anti-fatigue eye treatment and the stuff for the truly committed – mud masks, and an intriguingly titled ‘revitalizing concentrate’. A man can dream, and Tom Ford knows it, because he’s even got a concealer in the range – whether men are ready for makeup remains to be seen. What’s not up for debate is that it’s not dodgy, dishevelled men that make an impact – it’s men who have the confidence and pride to take care of themselves properly. If a man can put his best foot forward with a five minute routine in the morning, it’s a deal he’d be wise to take.