Weekend Getaway’s Near Sydney

There’s no doubt that living in Australia is a privilege. For those of us on the coast of NSW, there’s an abundance of options North and South alike to get away from the Sydney chaos. Check out these secret spots for options on your next trip with your mates, your family, or maybe a romantic getaway.

Wolgan Valley

To an Australian, a 2.5 hour drive is just down the road. When that drive takes in some of the most beautiful, verdant land in the country, you end up wishing it was longer. Wolgan One and Only has all the rural charm, but adds in boutique luxury to its private villas to ensure world-class standards of comfort. If you like to ride, this is a weekend trip that puts you directly in touch with nature, where you can take in the peaceful trails on the back of a beautiful horse.


Pretty Beach House

Tucked away on the little-known Bouddi Peninsula just North of Sydney, this private guesthouse among the Eucalypts and ancient Angophoras is my idea of peace. It’s one of those rare places that feels like home the first time you walk in. Incredible views, a personal chef, and empty beaches. If the office has you stressed, this place is the cure.


Spicer’s Sangoma Retreat

Much as it would be great to be able to go to Africa over the weekend, unfortunately it’s a little inconvenient. Sangoma in the Blue Mountains is named for a Zulu word meaning ‘Healer’ – and it’s about as close as you’ll get without crossing an ocean. An eco-retreat with sauna, spa, access to walking tracks, and a pool to cool off in at day’s end, in peak Summer you could be forgiven for expecting to see a Giraffe munching on the gum leaves.


Casa La Vina

This is not your average Hunter Valley wine destination. It’s a full-blown slice of Santa Fe, replete with rustic, Spanish-American architecture and charm. Privacy is the main drawcard, with a quiet, homely feel that has gone missing from the Hunter in recent times. An adult-only rule makes sure your rest is unbroken – which, after a long day exploring the vineyards, is something you can’t put a price on.