Uniqlo latest collaboration takes Toyko to Paris

Uniqlo, the Japanese masters of utility, are known principally for their functional, versatile and flexible approach to fashion. Modest, unpretentious collections have made them the staples of the world’s wardrobes – so their continued expansion into higher fashion spaces is as unexpected as it is successful.

Their latest collaboration takes Tokyo to Paris, where artistic director Christophe Lemaire has curated a collection that elevates the details of the simple. Unassuming sweaters done in thick fleece are one example of simple textural choices that grab attention without being pompous.

This may be a Fall collection, but by treating the outer layers as self-sufficient, it can be worn imaginatively for summer. The Trench solo; bare underneath, or the cardigan unbuttoned to the sternum. Lemaire’s Uniqlo is about providing a sophisticated blank canvas that gives men control of their look. Asserting style through simplicity is the greatest of all possible products of blending Japanese and Parisian aesthetics.