Unexpected Burst Of Vibrancy ” Paul Smith Fall 18 “

Big, bold, and thick. The Cuban Heel brings Havana attitude to wherever it’s worn, each footstep stamping confidence into the pavement. London might be a long way from the Caribbean, but British icon Paul Smith is never far from bold fashion ideas. The Cuban Heel stepped down his runway over and over again in the Paris AW18 show.

Moving up the outfits, the obvious trademark was in Smith’s masterful tailoring. Small touches like insisting on pad-stitching rather than fusing seams injected a sense of the sartorial into everything from biker jackets to casual psychedelia.

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of colour. The Paul Smith brand is rooted in the Sixties, so the burgundy, emerald and turquoise were back at it again. Vibrant, energetic, but effortlessly cool – it’s a style you can only go to one place to get.