The Instant Healthy Tan We All Want

Australians know tanning better than anyone. The problem is, when winter sets in and we all go inside, it’s hard to stay on top of the bronzed look. Even when it’s summer, relying exclusively on the sun for your tan is an incredibly damaging habit.

For all the schtick that artificial tanning gets, it’s still a far safer, healthier option than roasting on the beach for hours. Now, I’m not suggesting sunbeds either. There are plenty of bottle, tube or spray-nozzle options that are faster, cheaper, and better for your skin.

A personal favourite is Clarins Self Tanning Gel. Easy to use and with a long list of testimonials, Clarins soaks into the skin and produces a skin-tone more authentic and richly brown than any other product. Clarins’ men’s range makes them an ideal option to trust when it comes to your skin; if you haven’t used a self-tanner before, this is where to start.

Clarins Paris – Radiance Plus Glow Booster

Dr Dennis Gross – Alpha Beta Glow Pad

Tom Ford – Bronzing Gel

Clinique – Face Bronzing Gel Tint