The City Of Venice

Venice – a city that needs no introduction. Bursting with culture and style, it’s one of my favourite places in the world to just wander aimlessly for hours and hours. Discovering new nooks and hidden secrets; corners where you feel like the first person to visit in a hundred years. When my feet get tired of the hard old stone alleys, it’s pure pleasure to simply collapse into a chair by a canal for an espresso.

While over there I stayed at the Ca Sagredo hotel, a paradigm of Venetian opulence. Its walls heavy with classical paintings, the history of the building dates to the 14th century. In that time it has seen many owners, occupants and visitors, with the last 10 as a 5 star hotel. After arriving – from the canal, naturally – I was happy to sit daydreaming, absorbing the surreal, colourful aesthetics of the dining hall, where it felt as though old and new stories were woven around me.

To visit only Venice’s well known tourist spots is to be robbed of experiencing the city’s true character. Sitting for dinner at a restaurant on the rooftops, with the sun sinking and bathing the water in golden light, it becomes obvious why people come from around the world to visit. That the reality exceeds the expectation just goes to show what a truly unique place Venice is.

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