Sandals, Yes Sandals

Sandals. Yes, sandals. We’ve had slides for a while now, and the cheapness of a pair of Havaianas mean they’re never really going to go away, but now it’s time for another old friend from childhood to keep our feet company once again. The choice footwear of Biblical heroes is back in vogue for all the right reasons – they’re practical, comfortable, and tastefully vintage. When worn with the imagination being seen on international runways right now, they are already proving to be far more stylish than anyone could have anticipated.

It’s all very well to stick with tradition and keep feet bare underneath the straps, but here in the Southern Hemisphere, winter has arrived. It’s time to take risks in the name of warmer feet: the challenge is to wear sandals with socks, and still look sartorial. It’s widely known as the cardinal sin committed by Americans, but there are a few tactics that make the unforgivable truly enviable. Matching the colours of sock and sandal creates an interesting layered effect, while an aggressive bleached white pair demands attention, hauling others’ eyes down for a power-play move.

For anyone with a way out of the cold climes of these Southern lands this June and July, the sandal is also the tourist’s best friend. Soft leather looks are natively European, and wandering around streets built from the Romans to the Renaissance it quickly becomes obvious why. The soles absorb the heat and bumpiness of sun-baked cobbles, and their rustic elegance has the wearer looking right at home.