Real Men Get Facials

The natural climate of a Sydney Summer is taxing on a man’s skin. He has to contend with sun, salt, wind and humidity, which leaves a lot of Australian men looking like grandfathers far before they ever meant to. As the numbers of men looking to turn the tide back in their favour gets larger, the quantity and quality of skincare specialists has only risen. At the top of the trend is a small boutique in Double Bay called All Saints Skin Clinic.

The workshop of erstwhile sculptor and practicing aesthetic physician Dr.Joseph Hkeik, the philosophy at All Saints is one undivided from the philosophy of art itself. Even just the experience of visiting the clinic is carefully designed: a masculine, heritage vibe on the wood-trimmed, up lit ground floor gives way to the cool, clean modernity of the clinic upstairs. This attention to detail is a must – All Saints draws a high-profile clientele from across Sydney’s upper echelons, so there’s an expectation of professionally opulent service. No wonder the interior has been written up by the likes of Harper’s Bazaar.

Dr.Joseph Hkeik refers to his approach as the “Art of Face” – uncovering the natural strength and vitality of a man’s face hidden beneath layers of fatigue and weathering. This isn’t a lab churning  out patients that look like plastic Ken dolls. It’s about using treatments like ultherapy – using ultrasound technology to replace what would ordinarily be done in a traditional, invasive facelift. That’s why it’s a good place for men to approach the world of professional skin treatments – the treatments are fairly easy-going compared to what’s been around in the past, but the results are at least as good, if not better.