My Grooming Favourites: May Edition

I’m a big advocate for men’s grooming – it’s an area that doesn’t get enough attention when it comes to masculine style. There’s a perception that so long as the cut of the clothes is nice, there’s not a lot else a guy can do to look his best – creams, gels and oils are solely the province of women. In 2017, that’s just not good enough – it’s time to start taking care of ourselves. The complete grooming guide has arrived.

These products have been largely untapped for years, and their potential is huge. Each one performs a different function for a man’s skin, keeping it young, fresh and clean in a way that the daily hot shower just can’t keep up with. Best of all, there’s no need to spend a fortune every month keeping the supply of a huge arsenal of products constantly replenished. Just because your girlfriend brings a suitcase of beauty products when she stays over doesn’t mean you’ve got to do the same. Get a routine down, and this will stay a very simple, effective game.

1. Sisley Black Rose Mask – Let’s jump in the deep end from the beginning – Sisley’s Black Rose Mask. Face Masks are basically life hacks, leaving substitute treatments in the dust when it comes to keeping skin fresh and young. Sisley’s is made to stay on for about the amount of time it takes to read from the front page to the World section of the newspaper, by when you should look considerably more ready to face the day.

2. Mattifying Sunscreen by Ultraceuticals – Is one of those great products that does exactly what it says on the tin. All Saints Skin Clinic’s Dr Joseph Hkeik calls sunscreen the most important but underused skin product there is, and this one not only keeps the rays from carving new lines into your face, it smooths out and reduces old ones already there.

3. The Lip Balm by La Mer  – Everyone’s got a favourite lip balm. This should be your new one – La Mer’s Lip Balm brings more moisture than the Pacific Ocean without making your lips look like a polished wax basketball court. Men need healthy lips as much as anyone – what they don’t need is lip gloss.

4.  ‘Re-charge Black Pepper ‘ Sport Energising Scrub by Molten Brown – If you’re buying body scrub from the toiletries section of your local supermarket, it’s time for a reality check. The fact your body wash churns up into unbelievably foamy suds is just a trick of chemistry to make you think it’s working. Give London’s Molton Brown a try – their recharge Body Scrub genuinely and noticeably cleanses and revitalises the skin. Sweat, dead skin and dirt don’t stand a chance.

5. Tom Ford For Men Brow Gelcomb – Finally, Tom Ford knows more than just suits. His suite of beauty products for men includes a ‘Brow Gel’, which may sound a little outré to the average man, but for anyone with particularly wild brows, it’s an incredible asset. The innovative gelcomb application keeps things neat and adds a bit of shine, so its best applied in the morning before heading to the office.