My Grooming Favourites: June Edition

Sliding in a little late is June’s grooming guide – this month I’ll focus on keeping skin hydrated. I’ve been getting roasted by the European sun from Milan to Paris for the last couple of weeks, taking in the latest looks at Fashion Week SS17. It’s safe to say that the heat and nonstop action have made keeping hydrated very tough. These products are lifesavers in times like this!

1. Origins – Drink Up
An overnight mask harnessing the natural moisture of stone fruits avocado and apricot. Drink Up is a brilliant, affordable essential for any traveller’s kit.

2. Glam Glow – Thirsty Mud
With patented ingredients called things like ‘Dewdration’ and ‘Hydrapack’, you know Glam Glow has got just one thing on their minds. Sulfate, Paraben and Phthalate free, this 10-20 minute treatment is a great occasional luxury for maintaining facial health.

3. Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Mask
With a name that suggests it was formulated in a top-secret military laboratory, this mask is facial rejuvenation captured. A fast-working mineral interaction between skin and the highly effective gel both cleanses and softens tired faces. I mostly recommend this for moments when you need to wash away tiredness fast.

4. Aspect Hydrating Mask
Another mask with incredible hydrating potential, it’s vitamin rich and packed with well-known, traditional ingredients like Shea Butter, Green Tea and Jojoba oil. The recipe makes it a bit of a no-brainer it’s a blend of tried and tested, trustworthy sources of natural hydration.