Modern Day Gentlemen Ermeneglido Zegna

A modern day gentlemen has certain rules he abides by and one of them includes dressing well regardless of the occasion, the number one rule on the list. The modern day man should ooze charisma and resonate class everywhere he goes. The right outfits assist in pitching this role to onlookers and finding the right brand to enhance your persona is crucial when pulling any outfit together. Understated style happens to be Ermenegildo Zegna forte. Zegna is the label for unconventional suiting and the go to designer known for taking tailoring and reworking the whole process with each piece. A reputation proceeded on quality and assurance of the best and finest materials used, Ermenegildo Zegna has never let me down. For my next shoot, adding my own twist and style on some of their latest pieces, Zegna takes me to another level, embodying all things minimalistic yet classic.

The first outfit I teamed consisted of an extremely tailored trench coat with rare button detail and internal panelling. The coat sat high in combination with a crisp white shirt, one that worked a high slit on the side of the collar. The second outfit was Clooney worthy. The same Zegna tailored coat yet again, with a perfectly crafted brown knit layered underneath, accompanied by black tailor made trousers. Outfit three proved popular based on the incredible detailing aspects of the Zegna oversized cardigan, worn with a loose fitting white tee underneath assisting in its smooth casual appeal.

With outfit four, I took the modern day gentlemen and converted the look into a relaxed inspired feel. Displaying a lightweight yet breezy sweater, completed by an invisible zip that had no functionality. (The sweater did not open, purely a show detail that impressed me.) I pulled this sweater with a wide cut collared shirt which sat high to emphasise the extensive features. Ermenegildo Zegna continuous to impress me with their selection of garments, catered to every man regardless of form.

The best thing about the range of clothing, is due to their simplistic nature you are free and able to rework the outfit into your own current chic character.

Shop Zegna and find your inner style.


Photographer: Michael Naumoff
Hair Stylist: Aiden Xydis
Men’s Grooming: Fatima Jomaa
Creative Direction: Yan – Bespoke Pr

Zegna   Zegna 4

Zegna 3