Miyake’s Timeless Masterpiece

A breezy suite of light textures make Issey Miyake’s SS17 a collection that belongs in Australia’s summer. Shooting the collection down in Berry, the clothes seemed to find a home away from home – a long way from Japan, and the India that inspired them, but perfectly comfortable lounging in the Shoalhaven sun, or sprawled on the couch in full relaxation mode.

The palette is classic; timeless. It stretches from deep-water blues and creamy whites across a wide chasm to reach unbound colour riots hauled from Hindu India. They’re dyed or printed onto fabrics that are typically Miyake: crumpled, pleated, made as much to touch as to see. Wide-cut shirts tucked roughly into blue and white striped, similarly wide trousers, belted by woven rope – these are sailors’ outfits from another time, blended with splashes of Varanasi exoticism.

In Berry is a house that has stood for decades. From its 70s décor and modest still life paintings to patterned rugs and sophisticated masonry, it had the sort of pared back, refined aesthetic Miyake’s effortless pieces demanded. Thin strips of fabric from the collection were tied into neck chokers for the shoot as a personal touch; a nod both to upcoming trends and the quiet innovative style of Japan’s master of material. In these clothes a man can breathe; elegant without affectation, simple but far from plain. Miyake’s vision seeps from the fabric into the skin – a long, lazy summer awaits.

Photography: Adam Bryce
Hair Stylist: Henri Melki
Grooming: Fatima Jomaa