Live From Tokyo: Kim Jones Does Dior Men’s in Chrome

Pushing the boundaries; it’s native both to Kim Jones, and to the wild world of Tokyo, where I witnessed the designer’s new vision for Dior unfurl. While grounded firmly in the inimitable Dior tradition, Jones’ pieces ranged outward from that foundation, blending art, design and technology for a highly futurist collection. The aesthetic ranged throughout the show, with options for all men from sleek metallic, embellished garments to more street-borne sportswear, and everything in between.

Amongst the typical Dior metallic palette came accents in midnight blue, and occasional softer touches of pink. Men’s Jewellery Director Yoon Ambush debuted titanium bags and accessories resembling devices, holsters and chest rigs in bold, innovative style. Naturally, these paired well with the chunky buckles and hardware first seen in Jones’ first Dior show in June.

Of course, the 12-metre high fembot was literally the center of attention as the show began. Artist Hajime Sorayama’s cult-classic style brought the rave to the runway, with swathes of lasers beaming around the room to pulsing electronica. Clearly, Jones’ first pre-fall collection was designed both to announce his triumphant arrival, whilst assuring the Dior traditionalists the old Parisian house hasn’t forgotten its heritage.