It Doesn’t End In The 80’s

For some strange reason, being “basic” has become a slur. It’s hard to say where that came from, when going back to basics is one of fashion’s best guiding rules. Take the classic singlet. Who made it more famous – Marlon Brando in Streetcar? Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing? This is a list that could go on for a while, and no – it doesn’t end in the 80s. David Gandy, champion of the more muscular, masculine movement in men’s fashion, has a well known penchant for leaving the sleeves behind. For any guy in decent shape, it’s a natural option that’s low-effort, but high-impact.
There’s also plenty of room to dress it up depending on where you’re headed. For example, a singlet on its own isn’t going to cut it in the office. Throw a slim one or a double breasted jacket on and it becomes a modern rethink of what professional attire can be. So long as the singlet is clean, it’s a fresh idea that avoids being stuffy while staying ready for business. Then there’s just sticking with the singlet on top, with tailored trousers and a pair of Italian loafers. It’s right on trend, but it’s not too much for a laid-back Saturday afternoon. At its most simple – which after all, is what this is all about – the singlet’s best asset is as a first layer in a city with weather less predictable than Donald Trump with a smartphone. Start at the bottom, and work it into something from there.