In Town With Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo’s SS17 collection is typically sartorial, but with a few playful details that gave Sydney Mens Style a perfect opportunity to experiment with a photoshoot held at Berry, NSW. Key runway pieces played against innovative accessory coordination to create a modern, refreshed look from Ferragamo. A touch of vintage brought out by classic tinted eyewear and the classic cuts of the clothing was balanced with neck chokers made from belts, leather strips and other materials. This was about taking preppy Salvatore onto the more edgy side of the playground – a punk, devil-may-care rebellion against overly formal couture.

The house down in Berry was perfect for this vibe. It was a relaxed, natural place set among the trees. Like SF, its foundations are old, but it has been continually refreshed and kept up according to changing aesthetic ideals. The team was eager to hang onto this ‘well-aged’ theme, with Henry Melki putting finger waves in the models’ hair for a timeless, classic look. Conscious of the need to not let ‘classic’ become ‘stuffy’, we reworked some of the collection to accord more with the idea of undone tailoring – open shirts, scruffily rolled sleeves and pants, and creased, textured fabrics.

As much as possible, we kept it carefree. Fashion should always be fun, and with bare feet and loose-hanging fabrics we tried to bring a bit of laid-back rural NSW to the luxurious Italian design house. Ferragamo has never found its feet in Australia – adding the right attitude to the collection might be what makes the difference.

Photographer – Adam Bryce
Hair stylist – Henri Melki
Grooming – Fatima Jomaa
Stylist – Hass Murad
Model – Joseph Maher