Hong Kong’s Hidden Magic

Perched atop the unmissable California Tower on Hong Kong is one of the finest top-deck bars in the world. CÉ LA VI has outposts on rooftops from Singapore to San Tropez, all unmistakably opulent, lavish affairs. I found myself experiencing their signature “Pursuit of Pleasure” as a surprise – I didn’t know I was doing anything other than having a meeting when I first arrived.

It became clear quickly that this is one of the most renowned spots in the city for professionals and personalities to meet up for a drink. It’s not hard to see why – in fact, “seeing” is a big part of what the bar does best. On the occasional clear skied Hong Kong day, watching the sun set and the skyscrapers light up is an unmissable experience. This is the city’s hidden magic, reserved for the few that take the time to get above the bustle and grind. It’s a sort of simultaneously literal and symbolic coming up for air that you sometimes need in this fast-paced place.

Proudly putting Modern Asian cuisine and mixology on display, the food & drink experience is one of the best on the Island. I couldn’t write this article without giving special mention to the Shrimp Tempura – I doubt anywhere else is going to top that particular dish. Ah well – C’est La Vie at CÉ LA VI. I’ll just have to go back!