Giorgio Armani Let Loose For SS19

Giorgio Armani took Milan on an elegant holiday in this year’s SS19 show. A sort of ‘variations on a theme’ philosophy set the traditionally formal double-breasted jacket as muse to a collection of casual, insouciant reimaginings. On the more understated, refined end of Italian tailoring, the Armani show countered the brasher notes of Fashion Week with a breezy, cool vibe for a more genteel man.

The collection’s hallmark was its rich palette of fabrics; linens and cottons played silk satin sheen, with occasional leather notes to masculinize the ensemble. In cut, Armani maintained a recent fixation with plunging V necklines, including using a jacket as the only layer, shirtless beneath. In line with other designers at Milan, cross-body bags set a curious new benchmark for androgyny, the accessory increasingly shared beyond traditionally gendered limitations.

In all, Armani didn’t seek to reinvent the wheel, nor did he start a revolution. Uniting the collection behind a central theme, the designer exuded quiet confidence in the timelessness of his signature style. Viva l’Italia.