Ferrari Unveils The All New ” Ferrari Portofino ” In Byron Bay

Ferrari – the word just sounds fast. The roads of the northern rivers are a long way from the Italian Riviera, but they’re still made for driving. After rolling around countless tight corners through the forest, we came into Byron Bay for the Australasian launch of the Italian masters’ latest achievement: the Ferrari Portofino. 

Byron is Australian luxury at its most crystalline form – relaxed, easy-going, the pinnacle of effortless cool. At the Elements resort at Belongil Beach, a coterie of guests gathered to celebrate a car that defies the times. Partnering with Tom Ford completed the sense of opulence, with packages of Neroli Portofino fragrance a perfect accompaniment to the experience.

After a casual dinner made from local produce, the event climaxed with the reveal of the new car. In a world gradually forgetting the romance and power of automotive engineering, there are a few that can still appreciate what it represents.

Ferrari’s newest machine is a race car for drivers who like to go fast. A colossal V8 engine launches the Portofino to 200km/h in just 10.8 seconds in unparalleled comfort. Under its Grigio Tinanio paint and Italian leather, it boasts 40 horsepower more than the California T. It purrs a note unlike any that came before it, from quiet idling to roaring acceleration. Every moment of the experience in Byron communicated a clear message: whatever’s happening in the world of cars, Ferrari is not going to be left to history. The Portofino makes sure of that.