A taste on what’s to come “TY-LR Man”

TY-LR Man. A two man sensation behind the label’s Menswear debut, designer Joshua Davies and brand manager James Williamson.

Think simplicity, ease and clean line styling – TY-LR man’s first collection is just that. Creating an understated yet confident assortment to serve the modern day man who allows himself creativity and freedom in the way he dresses. TY-LR Man takes fabric and centres it around its core design process, focusing on unique textures and cuts.

During my last shoot captured by Hannah, I took it on to dress in TY-LR Man as it represents everything I believe in. The latest collection has my personal sense of style written all over it. We’re talking modest colour palettes and uncomplicated aesthetics, effortlessness at its finest. A mixture of various shades of greys and whites, ascending light to grey fabric textures and a sports luxe vibe to kill.

I’ve always been big on well-made good quality designs, TY-LR Man 2016 collection does just that. Flattering, straightforward and minimalistic.

Here is a sneak peek into some of the collection about to launch in February 2016. TY-LR Mans first release edition, one I was lucky enough to wear in my editorial shoot below.